Monday, September 22, 2008

The Best show on Earth

Steve and I are super excited about this Thursday, Sept 25th. Our favorite show of all time is on, "Grey's Anatomy"...hence my blog name Anatomy of a Girl...

Is everyone else dying to watch too?


mike said...

I love, love Grey's too! I thought last night's episode was really good. I almost DIED when I thought that McDreamy had died in the beginning. I'm sort of sick of Meredith being such a wuss. I hope Christina starts dating army guy.
Rebecca Hellenthal

chris said...

We didn't watch it "live" but caught up with it last night. It was good, Jaci was more pumped about it than I was. I thought the Army guy was funny. At any rate I was entertained for 2 hours. Some of these shows that have multiple story lines (heros and grey's especially) are sorta hard to pick up again after the summer hiatus. It's hard to remember everything that was happening in the last episode.

On a side note you gotta check this out.

Anatomy of a Girl said...

I know...I thought McDreamy was dead and then Christina.
I like Christina having a guy in her life...i think army guy should stay.