Sunday, December 14, 2008

Irish Basketball

So, for the first time ever...I had to go against everything I know and cheer for Central Catholic. My sister, Jamie, is on the JV bball team there. I went to the first home game this saturday and watched her score 23 pts, with a few steals, and some great passes. They won on a last second shot. I am so proud of her! Not only is she great on the court she also has all A's in the class room...GO JAMIE!

I wanted to post a picture, but it wont allow me to cut and paste.

Her days at pburg are over..

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Mom said...

Wow, what an exciting game that was and we had the whole family there. Yes, being a Bowsher grad myself Central was always our rival when it came to girl's basketball and now I have Jamie going to Central. She is having a great time and is happy with her decision to go to Central. She had a fantastic game and I hope she continues throughout the year. A big thank you to all the family members coming out to support her.