Friday, February 13, 2009

The big V-day

So my hubby came home and surprised me with Beautiful Lillies, the 2009 Grammy's Cd , a beautiful card and some wine and strawberries. Awh! He is so thoughtful. I hope you all have a great Valentine's day! If you dont have a Valentine then get your nails done, get a massage...treat yourself. Remember we were all there once :)


Mom said...

With your busy schedule it's nice to see that you are keeping up on your blog. That husband of yours is so thoughtful and it's nice he got you a CARD too (inside joke, remember). I remember when I use to get you girls those ice cream cakes at Baskin Robbins for Valentine's Day. Jamie got to go to her favorite restaurant "Outback".

Anatomy of a Girl said...

Yeah, I got to keep my people informed on how I am doing since I dont get to hang out so much anymore. Nursing is a way of life :) Yes, he is thoughtful. I always felt so special when you got us Cheryl & Co cookies or an ice cream cake...your the best mom!