Monday, March 30, 2009

Making a difference

So, this weekend was one to remember. It wasnt about hanging out with friends or going to a movie, but making a difference.

We have what feels like little time on earth. Just yesterday I was in high school and now I am married, 28 and ready to go to a 10 yr high school reunion. Since our time is so limited it is important that we chose wisely with our time.

I learned this weekend that I could do so many more meaningful things with my time. I went to a dinner friday where 2 high school girls did 1000 hours of volunteer work in 4 years. Then Saturday I went for Steve's annual Dance for a chance where 200+ high school kids made a difference for 3 local families. Wow, people are incredible!

I hope to instill in my children the idea of helping others before you help yourself.

I feel inspired. I hope you do too!

Check out this incredible story....this is one of the families Southview raised money for Saturday.

I just want to take this one home with me :)

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Mom said...

Yes, as a mother I do feel that you put things on hold that you would like to have in order to help others, especially when it comes to your children.