Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a weekend...

So all the craziness started on Thurs when i had my major Fluid and Electrolyte test for school...super hard! Pray that I do well! Then, Friday I got to see a Colostomy bag at the hospital...which was exciting. Thank God I didnt have to empty it:) Then Friday night at 7pm me, Steve, my mom and Jamie and her friend Sidney went to Dayton for a basketball tournament. The girls got a tour of UD's campus and the basketball arena...very cool! Then, the girls played 6 games, yet we didnt see Jamie's team win once..bummer! Then Jamie got a mild concussion and had to go to the ER this morning...a little scary. She is fine...just a headache. Now back to school...last week till we get a 2 week break.

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