Sunday, January 31, 2010

The latest and greatest...

So, I am a slacker when it comes to blogging anymore...just bored with it. However, I have been inspired by reading others blogs and decided to post something new. My new favorite website is it has some really talented people selling things on there.

What else is new...well, I got my clinical assignment for this semester. I will be at St. Charles every Friday working on VOO (vascular/oncology/ortho). I am super excited to hopefully learn a few things and get more comfortable with passing meds and doing IV's etc.

Other than that, my time has been taken up by animals (raccoons & mice) in the attic, a non-productive dishwasher, and watching many bball games (my sister and steve's team).

Speaking of my sister...she just passed her driving test this week-so proud! Crazy to think that I now have to worry about her being on the roads. Hopefully she will come and visit often. This week also was a special man's birthday in my life, my brother Ryan...he turned 34 on the 27th.

Well, back to the books...i have a test monday-wish me luck:)


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