Friday, April 2, 2010

My Style, My life

Well hello fellow bloggers...I know it has been awhile, but hopefully you will understand why I havent posted in so long.

The latest with me is taking care of my hurt hubby. Friday March 19th at 1am I got a phone call saying Steve was going to the ER (he was in columbus). He was chestbumping and apparently came down on the curb or Josh Stedke's leg-who knows! Come to find out, Steve broke his fibula, dislocated his tibia and tore all the ligaments in his ankle. Which brings us to March 29th, Steve's surgery day. Here is a picture of the shirt I wore that day, it says Chest bump? Just don't do it! with the traditional nike sign.

In the midst of all of this, I had my 29th birthday. It is hard to believe I will be 30 next year...according to my nursing studies you start shrinking and become more susceptible to lots of diseases etc. I had a great bday filled with mexican food and dancing with friends. Along with my birthday comes presents:) If anyone knows me well they know that I am a coupon queen and I dont like to buy much full price. So, I tend to shop online or buy in store when things are on sale or I have a coupon. My latest love has been a site called They have the most unique pieces that are handmade. Here are a few of my birthday money purchases.

So, as you can see I love jewelry. So, what displays jewelry better than a on the wall jewelry organizer. I got this thing online and absolutely love it! I also got the belt organizer from Hobby lobby-check them out.

Other than that, just chugging away with school. I have an exam Monday and then one more exam and the final. Hard to believe the semester is almost over. Things are going well and I am learning a lot about myself in the process.

Well, that is all for now. Take care! LA:)


John said...

Wow! That was very neat, with all those things thats been hanging around even you had an organizer but it is still neat and very cool looking...

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dangel smith said...

great accessories. thanks for sharing!

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